time is moneyMethodology:

Completely transparency.
We document the mathematical steps used in the investigation of various collision scenarios.
None of the magic hand waving used with veiled "black box" software approaches.
We supply Mathcad documentation of all the steps.

We have Explicit Documentation of the Following:

Planar Impact Analysis

Investigation of Unintended Acceleration

Articulated Vehicle Planar Motion Simulation

Airbourne Equations

Low Speed Impact

8 ΔVelocity Equations for Narrow Frontal Object Impact

Tire Forces

Yaw Mark Critical Speed

Vehicular Rollover Accidents

Crush Energy and Delta Velocity

Crush Stiffness Calculations

Accelerometer Data Velocity and Distance Reconstructions

Pedestrian Crashes

Monte Carlo Simulation

Uncertainty in Accident Reconstruction

Reconstruction and Methodology Validation from the NHTSA Database


Driver Response Analysis

We have applied all of the above variables to Vehicles Dynamics Simulation


Macro Models

Strategic Planning

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